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Project Results: R1 – Competence Framework

The first result of the M4F project

is the definition of the framework of competences for the production of hip hop music in prison

Competence Framework

It is to be considered as preparatory to the next outcome envisaged by the project which is related to the training required for the implementation of musical workshops in prison. This is an outcome also necessary to harmonize knowledge and practices on the world of Hip Hop and its musical practices among the different partners, providing a comprehensive overview of the educational potential adapted in contexts of discomfort and imprisonment.

The result was pursued thanks to the research work shared at a distance between the partners that characterized Action 1 and 2 of this project phase, to which two training moments in presence were added, i.e. in Lisbon at ETIC and in La Spezia at Arci. These two formative opportunities have allowed an effective sharing of knowledge and working practices focused on the dimensions of learning in the context of imprisonment or similar non-formal educational approaches for young people with fewer opportunities.

Then the work proceeded with Action 3, were the consortium jointly developed a general framework of competences, listing a set of skills specifically relevant to working in a prison and using music production technologies.

With the Action 4, where we defined areas of employment for music production in a prison context and we analysed the related skills both for educators/social workers and inmates.

The report is concluded with the work done with the Action 5, where we analysed and shared with partners the criteria to select the best method to have an M4F competency framework – hence a re-reading of the forms identified in the previous chapter – which can be recognised in most countries for professional purposes.