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Project Results

M4f designs the future in perspective

from the project to the building of real audio editing workshops
within the penitentiary structures of many European countries
The innovation of our proposal

The implementation of in-prison workshops connects the systems of formal and non-formal education that coexist in many prisons in Europe.

Usually, there is a distinction between formal education paths (compulsory, technical, high school, university) managed directly by public personnel with classes for prisoners or individual lessons, and non-formal education paths, normally proposed by external organisations, by voluntary service.

M4F’s proposal allows the two dimensions to be brought closer together: starting a rap writing workshop enables to link up with literacy courses (e.g., Italian for foreigners); with traditional music writing courses; with knowledge of literature and poetry.

The creation of musical tracks and their mixing brings one closer to and calls for collaboration with digital education courses with basic knowledge of scientific, computer science and graphic disciplines.

These results will help to achieve the following goals:

Systematise rap music experiences in prison by finally providing a comprehensive picture of experiences in Europe (and comparing them with those in the U.S. and in other areas), training methods and achievements.

Create real experimental workshops equipped for music production: not only creative writing workshops, but also real mixing studios in prisons, including the implementation of training courses to become sound technicians and mix engineers. This is a key element in moving from the rap experience as an expressive/therapeutic exercise to a real path of acquiring professionalising digital technical skills.

Connect the trained young inmates directly with the world of music production, by organising privileged channels with the industry labels in Europe; the aim is to facilitate professional inclusion during or after detention and creative development in the industry.