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Die M4F-Partnerschaft wurde aufgebaut

m sowohl das Fachwissen im Musikbereichals auch das Fachwissen zur Interessenvertretung
und Beteiligung junger Menschen im Strafjustizsystem zu verbessern.

Project Leader

Arci Liguria

Arci Liguria (Associazione Ricreativo Culturale Italiana) is a Social Promotion Association, which plays a political and organisational coordination role at regional level and includes the 5 ARCI territorial committees in Liguria (Imperia, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia and Valdimagra). It is composed of over 260 realities, including recreational clubs, mutual aid societies, ‘case del popolo’, art galleries, arthouse cinemas, cultural clubs, voluntary groups, youth clubs, thematic clubs, voluntary associations, and much more. Arci Liguria has over 35,000 members at the end of 2022.



The Asturia vzw is a NGO for training and coaching which based in Minderhout’s inner city. The centre was founded in 2014 as a leading independent, and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of project management and coaching in adult education.


AufBruch is an independent Berlin theatre project working artistically on social and political processes and recurrences. The project’s aim is to open prison to art by means of art itself; in a space closed to the public by its very definition. Its aim is to give prisoners a language, a voice and a face by providing them with the tools to perform art.


The Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning – CPIP – is a non-governmental, non-profit institution active in the educational and social field. It promotes the culture of “lifelong learning” through the active involvement of community members in developing a coherent implementation strategy of the concept and practice of lifelong learning.


EFA is an association of professionals that brings together the thirty years of expertise and experience of the founders Mario Bozzo Costa and Francesco Ferrari, and the joint work with psychologists, pedagogists, sociologists and other experts, in the areas of consulting, training, planning…


ETIC – School of Technologies Innovation and Creation – is a group of schools that provides VET and Technical education in the areas of image and communication: animation, cinema, sound, music, production, communication and journalism, graphic design, photography, multimedia, fashion and acting.


The Izmir Probation Directorate is a government agency that works under the Ministry of Justice. Izmir Probation Directorate is responsible for supervision and rehabilitation of individuals who are given probation decisions. Izmir Probation Directorate works with individuals on probation…