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11/09 to 14/09 in Berlin → C3 – Training for partners

11/09 to 14/09 in Berlin → C3 – Training for partners about the creation of training modules adapted to the context of prison, hosted by aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT !
Participants from all project partners are ready to take part in the training!
Work is in progress on developing training modules for music and hip-hop production specifically for the prison sector. For this purpose, several prisons are visited and an intensive exchange with experts is conducted.
The presentation of the results of the hip-hop workshop in the Berlin juvenile detention centre, led by the rapper Aisha, is also on the program, as is a visit to the music theatre event “Arturo Ui” by aufBruch in the Tegel prison, as well as discussions with artists, inmates and the judiciary -staff.
The results of the previous trainings and researches are evaluated and the possibilities for the installation of music production workshops are examined.
EFA will also present the results of Research and give the starting point for the WP3, the creation of the training modules.
Etic will give an overview about the possibilities of definition of digital systems for music production in prisons, Asturia will lead the discussion about penitentiary regulations and their adaptability to new technologies.
The rappers Aisha, who has been in charge of hip-hop projects in prisons for many years, and Kris Strybos (Belgium) will report on their experiences with workshops in prisons.
Inmates participating in various aufBruch Workshops (Filmworkshops Winterreise, Theatre, Creative Writing Workshops, HipHop) will present their views on artistic projects.
Many experienced employees of the judiciary will discuss difficulties in working in prisons and the complex issue of dealing with technology, media and the Internet.
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