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E1 Event went as we wished

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E1 Event, Genoa July 13, 2023

A beautiful and rich list of speakers, orchestrated by a determined partner, supported by the enthusiasm and to the expertise of the project leader.

The result lived up to expectations, which for us who are ambitious, were not low.

The contributions of the national guests, Carlo Testini (Coordinator of the Commissione Lotta alle Disuguaglianze, Diritti sociali e Libertà of Arci Nazionale) and Marco Solimano (Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of their liberty of Livorno and Gorgona, head of Arci National Commission “Persons Deprived of Liberty” and Arci referent in CNVG) blended perfectly with the interventions of the other speakers.

Giuditta Nelli (Arci Liguria) took us to the origins of the project, to its deep reasons: to the reason why we do it. Mario Bozzo-Costa and Francesco Ferrari (EFA) , rightly excited and proud, presented the Competence Framework, the first output of the project and a fundamental element for the development of the activities.

Partners Gert Hurkmans (Asturia, Belgium), Aisha Madarati (AufBruch, Germany) and Joao Gomes (ETIC, Portugal) brought to the audience their experiences in the field, their working method and their expectations.

Gabriele Sorrenti (Head of the Regional Conference Volunteerism and Justice in Liguria) Claudio Cabona (Journalist and author of the documentary La nuova scuola genovese) rounded out the morning (you absolutely must see Claudio’s documentary, it’s beautiful and exiting)

The afternoon was no less: Danilo Manganelli (Arci Liguria) held a very interesting workshop “Educating with rap! How to use music for inclusion and skill development.”

Lots of information, technical tools, but above all lots and lots of passion from Danilo. The La Spezia rap workshop is really in good hands.

In short, we are really satisfied!

We will share the Competence Framework here soon: stay tuned!