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R3: Guidelines for the management of audio music workshops in prison

The R1 settled the methodological and theoretical approach to the work of the project and the R2 precisely defined how we could, from a technical point of view, achieve it.

The R3 – “Guidelines for the management of audio music workshops in prison” will become the key instrument for the dialogue with public and prison administrations to define the regulation for the concrete application of what has been previously done.

This will be done through a series of activities aiming to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Moving from the occasional nature of music educational trials to the continuity and stability of the educational proposal, starting from the prison facilities and services involved in WP3.
  • Consolidating the training paths for youth workers and young people, optimising contents, methods and working tools.
  • Building professionalisation pathways for young people, establishing privileged relations with the European (and international) music business.
  • Including the music workshops created in M4F as permanent suppliers to production companies and their artists, guaranteeing job opportunities for young people even during their detention period.
  • Increasing at European level the knowledge and use of rap-related artistic and technical disciplines, for young people with less opportunities, by spreading acquired knowledge and practices and by fostering their transferability to other organisations.