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EFA is an association of professionals that brings together the thirty years of expertise and experience of the founders Mario Bozzo Costa and Francesco Ferrari, and the joint work with psychologists, pedagogists, sociologists and other experts, in the areas of consulting, training, planning and European research, mainly in the fields of active citizenship and the Third Sector, with particular attention to the targets of volunteering and young people.

EFA partners and collaborators have developed prepared and conducted in the last 10 years in Italy:

– counselling and training courses for volunteer workers, as advisers to Service Centres for Volunteers;

– ESF-funded pathways on work orientation and safety at work, involving more than 40 schools and more than 1000 students and 200 university students;

– facilitating thematic networks, including those of non-profit organisations working with migrants;

– Skills development projects for practitioners and volunteers of the main gender-based anti-violence centre in Genoa and research on models of intervention in this context, including support and socio-occupational guidance for immigrant women victims of violence.

In the project, EFA makes available its experience in the management of European projects, in particular with regard to the activities of:

– Contribution to the study on: validation models of skills and certification in a non-formal context for people with fewer opportunities; training needs of youth workers;

– Planning, facilitation, general coordination and evaluation of the training activities envisaged in the project;

– Monitoring and evaluation of project activities and results;

– Support for dissemination.


Genoa, Italy