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Arci Liguria

Arci Liguria (Associazione Ricreativo Culturale Italiana) is a Social Promotion Association, which plays a political and organisational coordination role at regional level and includes the 5 ARCI territorial committees in Liguria (Imperia, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia and Valdimagra).

It is composed of over 260 realities, including recreational clubs, mutual aid societies, ‘case del popolo’, art galleries, arthouse cinemas, cultural clubs, voluntary groups, youth clubs, thematic clubs, voluntary associations, and much more. Arci Liguria has over 35,000 members at the end of 2022.

It encourages citizens’ collective action towards the general interest by promoting the right to free associationism, voluntary work, the development of the third sector and civil economy, subsidiarity and the full realisation of participatory democracy.

Arci Liguria has many years of experience in the project field, at regional, national and international level, both as partner and leader. This experience covers different topics: youth, participation, prisoners and ex-prisoners, cyberbullying, cohesion policies, anti-discrimination policies.

In the prison sector, for 11 years Arci Liguria has been coordinating the cultural and recreational activities carried out by its clubs and committees in the region’s penal institutions, within the ATS Giustizia ‘La rete che unisce’.

It has been involved as lead partner in specific projects such as Skills for Freedom (Erasmus+ Programme) and S.B.A.R.R.E. (Private Foundation). Starting from artistic and cultural activities, these projects aim to bring out the talents and skills of prisoners or ex-prisoners, developing their abilities and skills, to alleviate the period of imprisonment and to facilitate their reintegration into society.

With Music for Freedom, Arci Liguria’s commitment to the prison world continues. The aim now is to support the personal well-being and educational recovery of inmates, by offering them opportunities for redemption, through the usage of the hip hop disciplines and developing skills and professional outlets.

Giuditta Nelli

Project Officer and Trainer. M4F Project Manager

Filippo Marcellini

Project Manager JR and Trainer. M4F Researcher

Paolo Trucco

Communication Manager. M4F Technician

Danilo Manganelli

Rap music and audio editing trainer. M4F researcher
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Mariangela Bastone

Financial Manager M4F administrative
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Genoa, Italy